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My Favorite Photos from 2017

My Favorite Photos from 2017

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Maybe you’ve noticed or not-but I’m super into photography. It’s one of my biggest joys because it gives me a chance to show the world how I see it. Beautiful. Colorful. Bright. All things that I love. And like any hobby-I’m always trying to improve. There are a ton of goals I still have to work on with photography. Astrophotography first and foremost. But also underwater photography. Oh, and also, I want a wide lens to work on catching better landscape shots. And I have a lot more to learn about post-processing. You get the picture.

But I do have to hand it to myself. Since I’ve decided to focus on making my photography better-it’s exponentially improved! So this year I wanted to share my personal favorite photos that I’ve taken in 2017.


This picture of snacking on roadside tortillas deep in the mountains.

Capturing the perfect sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

Wandering the cobble-stone streets of ghost towns painted in white.

Admiring ceilings in churches.

My brother and sister.

Capturing the sun peeking out through the mountains.

And seeing whale tails.

Not sure if this is a favorite because of the picture or what’s in the picture.

This photo of Yelapa.

And this sunset.

Exploring Palo Duro Canyon.

This cityscape of San Francisco.

This church in the Mission District of San Fran.

This morning spent capturing the sunrise and practicing photographing silhouettes.

A beautiful glacier in Colorado.

Hiking to Dream Lake.

And Emerald Lake.

Hiking around a corner to come across a full double rainbow. And managing to catch it on camera.

A better rendering of how bright and amazing the color was.

This might be my favorite photo of 2017: Burkina Faso at sunset. Down the dirt road we biked up and down, twice a day.

Celebrating fall.

And admiring enormously tall trees in Washington.

Hiking outside of Olympia.

And exploring wildlife sanctuaries.

Walking alongside the beach in Kohala.

Waipo’o Valley.

Hiking down to Waipo’o Valley. It might look pretty but the hill up was no joke.

Down in Waipo’o Valley.

Also in the valley.

Above the sky on Mount Kea.

Meditating in Hilo.

Strolling through the rainforest in Volcano National Park.

And doing exhausting back country hikes in Volcano National Park.

Spotting green turtles in crystal clear water.

Admiring the Forbidden Island from Kauai.

And capturing Spouting Horn erupting.

And capturing the Na’Pali Coast from the air.

Peeking through windows to see the city of Udaipur.

Admiring Amber Fort.

And popping into intricate designs.

Practicing portraits.

And admiring the fort.

Obviously the Taj.

And admiring the sunset from our hostel in the Himalayas.

I had a lot of photos to pick from this year but these were my favorites. They’re also a good reflection of my unexpected travels this year. I’m looking forward to continuing to work on my photography to share even more epic photos from 2018!

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