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Butler park, Austin, Texas

Crazy Travel Stories:

How I Became a Professional Bike Racer for a Day

The Night of Free Stuff

Peace Corps 101:

How to Ace Your Peace Corps Application

Posts to Make You LOL:

Am I a Hippie? And 14 Signs You Might Be One Too

Unedited: Ugly Photos of Phyllis Traveling 

For All the Ladies: How to Know When You’ve Mastered the Squatty Potty

Vegetarian Travel:

How Traveling Molded Me into a Vegetarian

A Vegetarian’s Paradise: 72 Hours of Eating in San Francisco 

Tulum, Cancun, Mexico

Photo Essays:

A Photo Diary of the Land of Enchantment 

Roadtrippin’ in Cali: Pictures from the Pacific Coast Drive

Postcards from Paradise: 15 Photos That’ll Make You Jump on a Plane to Cancun

Gap Year:

Skip College: Take a Gap Year

Why You Should Travel Before College


8 Reasons I Fell in Love With China

Yangshuo is Heaven on Earth

Celebrating an Authentic Chinese New Year

If You Want to Understand the Real China, Go to Nanjing


10 Reasons Shanghai is the Best Place to Live in China

Scouring Shanghai’s Marriage Markets for Love

The Ultimate Guide to Shanghai

Study Abroad:

9 Reasons Why You Should Study Chinese

5 Common Misconceptions About Studying Abroad

The Great Romance: Why My Chinese Roommate is Actually My Soulmate

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