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Hello! Somehow you’ve found me in the maze of the worldwide web and I’m so glad you have!

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I’m Phyllis, and this is my blog Phyllis on the Map, where I blog about my myriad of experiences living abroad. While I love plopping down with a good book on the beach or having fun exploring new cities, I’m most passionate about using travel to make meaningful connections between cultures. I truly believe that traveling and creating relationships changes perspectives and creates better people.

My goal is to demonstrate to you that travel is more than fun or luxury. Travel is an empowering tool that creates enduring bonds, responsibilities, and engaged citizens.

But before I go all world peace hippie on you, I’ll give you a bit of my background.

The Beginning of my Blogging Addiction:

I started blogging in 2014 when I was volunteering with an indigenous tribe in Taiwan. The Siraya people were some of the kindest people I have ever met. I instantly felt like I had a family abroad who cared about my well-being and success. I fell head over heels in love with Taiwan and Taiwanese culture.

Meanwhile, my volunteer work dealt directly with autonomy issues the Siraya people were facing. I came to learn that these problems are issues indigenous people all over the world have in common. I felt helpless. The best thing I could do, I decided, was share their story. So, I started blogging on wordpress.com.

Soon, blogging grew to an addiction. I moved my blog over to my own domain when I moved to Shanghai to begin a year studying abroad. I loved writing about my new home and the bizarre complexities that encompassed China. Not only was it fun, it was cathartic.

After graduating from college, I applied for the Peace Corps where I was placed in the small but wonderful country of Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, after only three months of living and learning about this small country in West Africa, I was evacuated for security concerns.


What Am I Doing Now?

Because of my unexpected departure from Burkina, I’m currently unemployed and using that time to travel around before figuring out my next step. 

Other Things I’m Known For:

I took a year off before college where I ran around Australia like a wild child. No just kidding. But I did move to Australia and traveled quite extensively for that year and it absolutely changed my life. Needless to say, I’m very passionate about Gap Years and want you to take one too! Look no further for more info.

I’m also pescetarian. But my meatless diet has caused me to think of myself as a foodie. Random fun fact that I think is very important.

New to the blog?

Three years of blogging is a lot! So, if you’re new, I put together this whole page of my most popular posts for you.

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