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Monthly Recap: September 2017

Monthly Recap: September 2017

Monthly Recaps

What I Was Up To This Month:

This month was a crazy whirlwind. I was evacuated out of Burkina Faso into Ghana. I closed my service in the Peace Corps. I came back to Lubbock and sold a Vespa in Dallas. It’s been a hard month with a lot of unexpected changes but I made it! I’m trying to get into a routine again. I’m also working on my health-recovering from some things from Africa and paying attention to my mental health.

Where I Went:

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Tamale and Accra, Ghana

Lubbock, Texas

Dallas, Texas


1. Good food again!

This can’t be overstated. After healthy food options and putting on some weight, I realized how hard it was for me to get all the nourishment I needed in Burkina Faso. I also enjoy not having to worry if something is going to make me sick!

2. Family and friends

I didn’t realize how soon I would be able to see my family and Henry but I’m not complaining.

3. Modern Amenities

Electricity. A shower. A sink with running water. A comfy bed. Lights. Internet. It’s so nice to have modern amenities!


1. Being evacuated and unemployed

The shock of being evacuated has been replaced with a creeping of anxiety: what next?? I’m working on that currently but I didn’t expect to be in this situation quite so soon. I miss Burkina Faso as well-it’s such a special place and I’m thankful for my experience. It’s hard communicating this experience to my family and friends because it’s a pretty unique situation.

2. Sickness

Yep. Even coming home I got an upper respiratory infection. My body does not deal with sudden change well!

Most Popular Post:

On Being Evacuated – Haven’t read this since I published it actually! I wrote this to sort through my feelings about being suddenly removed from Burkina Faso.

Other Posts:

Tô, Bucket Baths, and Other Culture Shocks – I wrote a few posts in Burkina Faso that I never got to publish because I never got Wifi! This was written my first week of leaving with my host family while I was adjusting to a completely different lifestyle.

Nothing Good Ever Happens After 8pm – Another post I wrote while in Burkina about the nighttime experience in village. Basically, shit hits the fan.

Most Popular Post on Instagram:

Back when @henrylawson and I made it to the top of a dormant 🌋 Next question is where is the best place to see an active volcano and not burn up in the process???

117 Likes, 9 Comments – Phyllis Goode (郝紫霞) (@phyllismgoode) on Instagram: “Back when @henrylawson and I made it to the top of a dormant 🌋 Next question is where is the best…”

Also just getting up to sharing a lot of my photos from my big Colorado trip with Henry in May! I didn’t have time to go through them all before I left but it was a good past time in Burkina!

What I Listened to This Month:

Leave the Light On

Leave The Light On, a song by Overcoats on Spotify

Overcoats has been an amazing find this year. Check out their album!


I recently discovered Crooked Media and Pod Save America! If you haven’t heard of them, this podcast advertises itself as a no-bullshit conversation about politics. And it’s perfect! The hosts formerly worked for Obama, have great insight in the inner workings of Congress, and they’re also hilarious. I look forward to every episode-not something I previously did when following politics. I’m also dying to get one of their Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself shirts.

What I Watched This Month:

I’m slightly embarrassed. And when I say this month I really mean I binged the first season this weekend.


I love Torchy’s-mainly for their queso. And this queso does not disappoint! On a healthier note, I made beet hummus and used the leftover leaves to make an excellent pesto. Don’t throw those beet leaves away!

What I Read This Month:

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – This book is amazing. Elizabeth Gilbert is a stunning author and in a time of such change and anxiety, this was the perfect read. Book > Movie.

Coming Up in October:

Who knows really? I have some weekend trips in mind. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to take the GRE to fill up some empty time space so I’ll be studying for that!

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