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Monthly Recap: April 2017

Monthly Recap: April 2017

Monthly Recaps, Texas

I’ve noticed that my favorite bloggers are also the ones that do monthy recaps! I treasure the insight into their lives and the going ons behind the blog. And since I’m never up-to-date in real time, I decided to do the same thing! Enjoy!

What I Was Up to This Month:

This month was all about weddings! Specifically, two of my cousins got married back-to-back weekends. I was only able to go to one but it was fun and I loved watching the other one through all my cousins snaps. Congrats to the newly weds!!!

Where I Went:

I went to Dallas one quick weekend to see Vince Staples and down to Austin another weekend one of the above-mentioned weddings.


1. Vince Staples!!

2. Seeing all my cousins and family in Austin

The wedding was gorgeous, fun, delicious, and had amazing food.


Haven’t really had any challenges this month beyond normal life stuff. Thankfully, had a really good month with a few weekend trips!


How Traveling Molded Me into a Vegetarian – A short month with only one post. However, this post is really important to me as it’s about my journey into becoming a vegetarian!

Most Popular Post on Instagram:

*insert inspirational travel quote here*

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A throwback from this summer and our photo shoot in Palo Duro canyon. Not pictured: Us covered in sweat from the 100 degree weather.

What I Listened to This Month:

No surprise that Kendrick’s new album Damn is at the top of my list this month.


Listen to S-town by the producers of This American Life! All the episodes were released at once so you can binge-listen like Netflix.

What I Watched this Month:

I was obsessed with Big Little Lies and watched it as quickly as I could. The story is told through flash-backs leaving you a little confused but also knowing what’s coming. Precisely-we know someone was murdered. But we don’t know who or why or how. The show is more than a murder mystery however. It explores motherhood and friendship and the dark side of California’s elite. It’s addicting!

And also…

The Handmaid’s Tale!!! I read this book by Margaret Atwood in high school and was freaked out. The Handmaid’s Tale is the story of Offred, a women who is a handmaid, that is, a type of fertility slave for the commanders of Gilead-the US in the not-too-distant future. The dystopian tale explores issues of women’s rights including fertility rights. This article is a great one about similarities in the show and in present day society-which by the way, Margaret Atwood got the idea for her novel from events happening in the 80s. With this Hulu series being completed 30-something years later, the producers do a wonderful job of making the story more “modern”. They incorporate climate change and terrorism and the rise of online banking into things that went wrong and led to the breakdown of the United States. If you like dysptopias, you’ll love this series.

Favorite Recipe:


Fried avocados are actually pretty simple to make. They’re also quite obviously delicious. The boom-boom sauce in this recipe was both fun to say and eat. 10/10 am making again but adding a sprinkle of feta cheese.

What I Read this Month:

Three Hainish Novels: Rocannon’s World, Planet of Exile, and City of Illusions – Back to sci-fi books. The Hainish Novels are set in the far future following the League of Nations. Basically, Earth masters inter-planetary space exploration and goes to other planets to explore. Each novel is a completely different story set in a different time period but follows a similar theme and key events and players in humankind. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say that humans are preparing for an unknown enemy. In typical human fashion, this comes in the form of building up military resources and ability. However, that all changes in Rocannon’s World where a shift to the powers of the mind occurs. Sci-fi sounds crazy but I love how it imaginatively translates into events and problems happening into today’s world. Although a great number of us have not realized it, the fight against ISIS is not about military strength but about the power of ideas and ideologies. I love how these old sci-fi books are still so relevant!

Coming Up in May:

It’s my last month at home before I leave for the Peace Corps! I’m simultaneously nervous, excited, and sad. I’m also going to Colorado for another wedding! And I promise to be more active on the blog this month!


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