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Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 5-8

Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 5-8


Oh god you guys. This month was a major facepalm fail for the photography challenge. But I’m out of time so we have to work with what I got.

Here’s my issue. I take pictures when I feel inspired. I’m like, wow, this is gorgeous. What if I got this cool unique view? Or whatever.

The problem is, Lubbock is not inspiring. I like landscape photography and in some ways city photography. But Lubbock is really ugly. It’s great when it comes to lighting and I’m sure is wonderful if you’re attempting to photograph people. But not what I have in mind.

Anyway, the challenge was really hard this month because I was not inspired in the slightest. But that’s what makes a challenge challenging I suppose so I forced myself to drive around, find locations, think of photo ideas, and play with my camera.

Here’s what happened:

Week 5: Technical: Ten Shots

For this week I was supposed to take 10 shots of the same object. Every shot had to have a change though. A different focal length. Different lighting. Different composition. Basically some change. Then I get to pick my favorite shot of the bunch.

This photo isn’t exactly great. However, I didn’t want to leave my house (first problem). I also didn’t want to leave my room. Meaning I was stuck with indoor lighting and not exactly engaging scenery. So I focused on this cool necklace my sister got me.

Photographing it was surprisingly hard because it’s shiny! Anyway, while not the most compelling photo, this exercise forced more technical awareness of my camera. You know, ISO, aperture, shutter speed. That fun stuff.

Week 6: Artistic: Candy

Okay smart ass. Starbucks isn’t candy. That was the point of the challenge! You were supposed to be inspired by candy without using candy in the actual photograph. This is my favorite picture of the bunch because it has a bit of girleatworld mixed with some local Lubbock flavor. (Hard to come by!)

But if you really want to be inspired by a candy minimalist photographer-yeah that’s a thing because of him-follow mattcrump who takes the most delicious pictures. And spoilers. They typically aren’t food.

Week 7: Story: Forgotten

I wanted to take a picture of a deserted building but then this wall of Buddy Holly came to mind. No one goes into the building. And unless you’re from Lubbock, no one really knows who Buddy Holly is anymore. He’s just, well, forgotten. But you guys have him to thank for rock and roll. And the Beatles who named themselves after his band Buddy Holly and the Crickets. And that amazing song American Pie by Don McLean which is about his untimely death in a plane wreck. With the also amazing Ritchie Valens and the Big Bobber.

I just feel like Buddy Holly is forgotten in the world which is highly unfortunate and sad. He was a great person. He was also born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and went to the same high school and junior high I went to.

I’m sad now.

Featured shot of the Cactus Theater was also taken during this “forgotten” excursion.

Week 8: Technical: One Shot

Took this while testing out my new lenses which was probably a bad idea for one shot. I was worried about this shot being too dark too and here it is in all it’s dark glory.

But here’s one where I got the lighting right-because I couldn’t stop at one shot. And you can really see the fish-eye effect. Not an enticing photo but it’s fun to experiment and that’s what this challenge is about right?? Or so I keep reminding myself.

Well what do you guys think?? And what techniques do you do to stay challenged creatively?

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